Serve at the WHY

Whatever your gifts or interests, you can put them into action at the WHY Church!  You can invest in our kids through WHY Kids or Student Ministry, provide hospitality, serve breakfast, read Scripture, set up our worship space, run technology, and everything in between!

Sunday mornings at the WHY Church are especially full of activity and conversation. You can be part of the action by joining in and serving at the WHY Church!

Here are a few ideas…

  • Prayer team – pray confidentially for weekly prayer requests at home
  • Kids’ Ministry – teaching or assisting with WHY Kids in the Community Room
  • Student Ministry
  • Music and worship
  • Technology and media – projection, livestream, sound
  • Hospitality – welcoming people at the door, connecting with guests
  • Setting up and cleaning up – chairs, tables, worship space
  • Breakfast team
  • Scripture reader
  • Serve Communion
  • Get involved with our Global Outreach ministry

Spot something that interests you? Email to send us a note.

And if you have another idea of how you could serve at the WHY Church that’s not listed, we’d love to hear about it!

Roggie Village Child Sponsorship

Hope Enterprises

Mission: Provide help for the needy in Ethiopia through investments that help people help themselves.

Method: Sponsorship of children in Roggie Village to provide scholarships to help them attend school (as education is the great equalizer) and support the Hope Enterprises Roggie School in general.

Service Area: Ethiopia