Roggie Village Child Sponsorship

A Call To Ethiopia – Roggie Village

Since 2014, the WHY Church has partnered with Hope Enterprises to help fund education in Roggie Village, Ethiopia. HOPE Enterprises believes that no one must be poor—everyone has a great potential store of talents, abilities, and character to be encouraged, developed, and released. The goal is to provide Ethiopians with an upward path to break the cycle of poverty and move its beneficiaries to self-sufficiency. To learn more about Hope Enterprises and their educational goals, please visit their website.

Pray for Orphans around the World

40 Day Prayer Guide

40 Day Prayer Guide published by the Christian Alliance for Orphans

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Sponsor A Child

For only $30 per month or $360 per year, you will provide a child with:

  • An academically superior Christian based education
  • Clothing
  • A nutritionally balanced diet
  • Basic instruction and counseling for the parent(s)

You will receive a picture of your sponsor child, some basic biographical information, and the opportunity to correspond with your sponsor child should you so desire.

Fundraiser for Roggie Village
Fundraiser for Roggie Village

People have generously given their time and talents to raise money to support Roggie Village. Some past fundraisers included garage sales, social enterprise donations, and more.